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New Year’s Resolution: Self-Love

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Nicole Marie Edine, “Body Positive,” Union Square, New York, NY, Summer 2012.


Written by Ashley Kraus, Ph.D., postdoctoral research fellow

December 31st is growing near and it’s almost time to come up with 2018 New Year’s resolutions, if that’s your thing. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight or get into better shape. Often these goals are rooted in feelings of negativity and self-hate. If you are considering setting a fitness/weight-loss goal as this year’s resolution, I encourage you to set body-positive goals instead!

Here are five ways to turn your fitness/weight-loss New Year’s resolution into a body-positive resolution:


1. Don’t cut things out of your diet – add activities instead.

Instead of cutting certain foods or food groups out of your diet, add an activity you enjoy! Crash diets are unfulfilling, and often they lead to a downward spiral of self-loathing. You need food for fuel and energy! So, rather than depriving yourself, indulge in an activity you love. Can’t think of something you love? Now is the time to explore your interests and discover something new!

2. Focus on what your body can do, not what it looks like.

Our bodies are capable of truly amazing things, and yet we spend more time focused on our body’s appearance than its abilities.  Exercising is a wonderful way to relieve stress and feel good. Focus on the new skills you have achieved, not on weight loss or muscle gain!

3. Stop comparing yourself to others.

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to our peers and others, but it is important that we do not give these comparisons too much weight. “Healthy” looks different on everyone!

4. Compliment someone else.

The tried and true way to receive positivity is to put out positivity into the world. A kind word from you might be all someone needs to turn their day around.

5. Relax.

Remember to take time for self-care and relaxation. Unplug from your phone and the Internet (I know, it’s hard!) for just a bit and allow yourself to recharge. Your body will thank you later!

Here are a few more resources for body-positive tips and resources!:

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