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Youth Blog – Identifying as LGBTQ in the Military

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13th February

Read about what it was like for one LGBTQ-identified person to serve in the U.S. Air Force.

Family Holidays: Tips for Trans Individuals

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31st October

Seeing family for the holidays can be stressful, especially for those outside of the gender binary. Here are some tips.

Gender Nonconformity and Research

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28th July

Public health researchers often group many identities within the umbrella of transgender in research studies. What does this mean for health research?

Youth Blog—What to Remember on Trans Day of Remembrance?

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19th November

On Trans Day of Remembrance, learn ways to fight the violence faced by trans women/trans feminine people by being a better ally.

Transgender Health Quiz

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20th September

What are the effects of hormone therapy? How do you know which pronouns to use? What are some good resources to learn more?

Whether you identify as transgender or not, now is a great time to learn more about transgender health issues.
Click on the pink box below to start the quiz!

This quiz created by Joan Pinnell, Mallory Edgar, Laura Kuper, and Lou Bigelow.

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