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Youth Blog – Annual Symposium Reflection: Research and Intersectionality

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5th September

Ying Han writes about her experience at our Annual State of SGM (Sexual and Gender Minority) Health Symposium.

Youth Blog–Gender: We Don’t All Have to Follow the Rules

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3rd September

What is gender nonconformity, and how does it relate to being LGBT?

Research Blog – Coming Out Again: Diversity in Sexual Orientation and Attraction for Trans Men

13th May

What does research show about shifts in sexual orientation and sexual attraction for trans men?

Youth Blog – Coming Out to Asian and Pacific Islander American Families

19th March

A sneak peak at Asian Pacific Islander Americans’ LGBTQ experience. Intersectionality matters!

Youth Blog – I Am Who I Say I Am: Changing Your Name and Gender on Official Documents

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19th February

It can be confusing enough becoming who you are. Here are some tips on how to make sure your IDs reflect your identity.

Hip Hop on the Down Low

23rd November

The Center on Halsted in Chicago continued its SpeakOUT Series with 5 local LGBTQ hip hop artists talking about what it’s like to be queer in hip hop. Emcee Sage Morgan-Hubbard, IMPACT’s very own Lou Bigelow, local performers Charity Taitt and Emanuel Vinson, and hip hop star Tim’m West present the power and complexity of changing culture and making your voice heard.

“It’s sometimes really small acts of courage,” West said. “It’s very powerful for somebody to see two brothers on the South Side holding hands… Sometimes we think politics has to be a protest, but [it] can be deciding you’re not going to leave your lover behind when you go back home for the holidays anymore.”

“Rosa [Parks] didn’t wait for them to say, ‘It’s okay for you to sit in the front,’” West said. “At some point, you just have … Read More »

How do LGBTQ people make a difference?

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3rd November

We make a difference in so many different ways, including being out and visible and joining up with other movements to work towards justice for everyone. We interviewed folks at Pride and Dyke March this year to see what they do to make a difference, so check it out, and think about what it means to you!

Why do you love Dyke March?

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12th August

We love it because it’s active and about all of us coming together, working together, and celebrating our greatness! Preach on, brother, and let all our identities have voice and importance.

Pride 2011: How are You a Hero?

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5th August

This year at Pride our “I heart my sexuality” campaign was back again! The focus for 2011 is “Community in Action” because engaging in advocacy for our community stems at least partially from a sense of self-esteem and pride that leads us to seek out greater equality for our community.

We captured many of the ways that our LGBTQ community makes a difference in our world. At PrideFest and Dyke March we video-taped community responses to questions that explore what people love about their sexuality, why they’re a hero, and more.

Here’s our first Pride 2011 video, hot off the editing block! Let’s celebrate all our young LGBTQ heroes!!

For more information about Community in Action and to see everyone’s answers on why they love their sexuality, check out our Pride 2011 page!

Dyke March Diaries: Sexual Identity

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16th March

The second Dyke March Diaries entry is about some of the different sexual identities that are included in the LGBTQ community. It is important to embrace your sexuality as you define it. Be proud, be confident, be you!

The Chicago Dyke March is a grassroots mobilization and celebration of dyke, queer, and transgender resilience that takes place every year during the Chicago Pride Festival. IMPACT Program joined the celebration in June, 2010 and interviewed some of the participating marchers to ask them about their experiences as a part of the LGBTQ community. They are real people with real experiences, and these are their stories. (Video created and edited by Beverly Caluza)

What about other gender identities? Check out our Gender Identities & Expressions Map for an interactive look at Gender!

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