The LGBT Health & Development Program

SMART Project


Every year, about 1,425 teen guys who have sex with guys become infected with HIV in the United States. That’s why we created the SMART Project! We hope that through SMART, guys like you feel safe, confident, and empowered. By joining SMART, you could make a big difference in helping us create better sexual health programs for queer teens!

What is SMART?

– A sexual health program offered entirely online
– Available in English and Spanish
– For teens who live in the U.S and Puerto Rico
– A paid program: Earn up to $125 for participating!

What else does SMART cover?

The SMART Project also covers topics that are important to gay, bi, and queer teen guys like navigating sex and romantic relationships, understanding their sexual and gender identities, and connecting with the LGBT community.

Want to Join the SMART Squad?

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Have questions or want to get involved?

Call (224) 307-5355 or email to learn more!

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