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Project Q2 is a longitudinal study of LGBT adolescents and young adults aged 16-20 at baseline.  This research examines individual and sociocultural predictors of mental health, substance use, HIV risk, and resilience.  Our team has completed nine waves of data collection over 6 years, making Project Q2 the longest follow-up study of LGBT youth ever conducted

Research on LGBT youth, particularly women and transgender people, has been extremely limited, and we still know very little about the unique risks and protective factors for these young adults. The purpose of Project Q2 is to more rigorously estimate rates of risk behaviors and to identify their predictors over time. These predictors can then serve as targets in future prevention studies. Our research will help to guide the development of future prevention and treatment programs targeted at LGBT youth. The current wave of Project Q2 is focused on understanding the social context of online relationships for LGBT youth. See Figure 1 for a depiction of our measure of a participant’s network.

Project Q2 is no longer recruiting new participants.

Investigator:  Michelle Birkett, PhD
Co-Investigator:  Brian Mustanski, PhD
Collaborator:  Bernie Hogan, PhD, Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute
Funder:  The Sexualities Project at Northwestern

Investigator:  Brian Mustanski, PhD
Co-Investigators:  George Greene, PhD; Michelle Birkett, PhD
Funders:  American Foundation for Suicide PreventionThe David Bonnett FoundationUniversity of Illinois at Chicago LGBT Seed FundWilliam T. Grant Foundation, National Institute of Mental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Figure 1. A Sample Depiction of a Participant’s Online Social Network.



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