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Welcome to our Youth Blog! Here you’ll find frequent posts on issues pertaining to the young LGBT
community. Whether you’re just beginning to explore your sexual orientation and gender identity, or are
interested in learning more about LGBT health and development, check out the posts below from fellow
youth, researchers, and the IMPACT staff.

Youth Blog – Out in the Workplace

Coming out in the workplace isn't easy. Here are some tips for how employers can create inclusive spaces. Read More »

Youth Blog – Annual Symposium Reflection: Research and Intersectionality

Ying Han writes about her experience at our Annual State of SGM (Sexual and Gender Minority) Health Symposium. Read More »

Youth Blog – Pride is Protest in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Read about our SMART project team's experience during San Juan Pride. Read More »

Youth Blog – I Believe You, I Support You, It’s Not Your Fault: Supporting a Friend After Sexual Assault

The LGBTQ community is disproportionately affected by sexual violence. Here are some guidelines for supporting survivors. Read More »

Youth Blog – Don’t Be a Drag, Just Keep It Green

LGBTQ justice and environmental justice go hand in hand. Help shape a better world by keeping it green. Read More »

Youth Blog – Identifying as LGBTQ in the Military

Read about what it was like for one LGBTQ-identified person to serve in the U.S. Air Force. Read More »

Youth Blog – Fake News and Your Health

Is Instagram suggesting that your sore throat is Ebola? Where to get good info about your health on the web. Read More »

New Year’s Resolution: Self-Love

Five ways to turn your New Year's fitness resolution into a body-positive resolution. Read More »

Friendsgiving: How to Make it Work

If you’re trying to plan a Friendsgiving celebration and aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas for you and your chosen family! Read More »

Family Holidays: Tips for Trans Individuals

Seeing family for the holidays can be stressful, especially for those outside of the gender binary. Here are some tips. Read More »

Honoring Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Spotlight on FAB 400

The FAB 400 project aims to interrupt the common narrative of intimate partner violence (IPV) as heterosexual. Read More »

Gender Nonconformity and Research

Public health researchers often group many identities within the umbrella of transgender in research studies. What does this mean for health research? Read More »

Youth Blog – Will There Ever Be a Lesbian Grindr?

A quick look at the limited success of queer women’s dating apps. Read More »

Youth Blog – Lessons from the 2017 National LGBTQ Health Conference in Chicago, IL

Hear about what it was like to attend the National LGBTQ Health Conference April 28-29, 2017 from three ISGMH staff members. Read More »

Youth Blog – Five Movies that are Black, Gay, and Slay

Check out these five movies that center and celebrate gay, Black men. Read More »

Youth Blog – Filling your HIV Prevention Toolbox

New strategies are being researched to help people avoid becoming HIV positive. Read more to find out how to add new tools to your toolbox. Read More »

Youth blog – Protect Each Other by Getting Tested Together!

Knowing your HIV status is powerful! Testing together encourages people in relationships to be engaged and proactive about their health. Read More »

Youth Blog–Black YMSM and HIV: Separating Fact from Fiction

There is a lot of misinformation out there. Educate yourself to help reduce HIV stigma! Read More »

Youth Blog – HIV Stigma

Breaking down HIV Stigma - the causes, the impact, and how to challenge it. Read More »

How I Became an LGBT Health Researcher: Q&A with Thom Remble

Dr. Thom Remble, director of research for IMPACT, discusses how his experiences and detours in training led him to the career he has today. Read More »

Youth Blog – 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chicago’s LGBTQ History (Part 2)

Chicago is an important center of LGBTQ culture and history! Join us as we continue our blog series featuring Chicago’s Pride Events! Read More »

Youth Blog – 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chicago’s LGBTQ History (Part 1)

Chicago is home to some big moments in LGBTQ history. Check out these surprising facts about LGBTQ history in the Windy City! Read More »

Youth Blog – Tips to Avoid Getting Bored with Condoms

Getting frustrated using condoms? Sex with condoms can be amazing, once you know what works for you. Read More »

Youth Blog – How to Communicate about Sexual Health with an HIV-Positive Partner

Excited about a potential partner, but worried because they’re HIV positive? Tips on how to talk about sex and health. Read More »

Youth Blog – What Are GBT Youth Reporting?

Find out what GBT youth are reporting when it comes to sex, drugs, and more. A check-in with our RADAR study. Read More »

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