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What’s a Relationship Like With HIV?

Posted on August 10th, 2016 by IMPACT in Life & HIV. No Comments

Dating, sex, relationships – it’s all complicated enough already. What happens when you throw HIV into the picture?

Being in a relationship does not protect you from HIV. Making safe decisions with your partner or partners can help you from getting or spreading HIV.

People living with HIV can have pleasurable, and safe, sex! Check out this blog on Keeping It Safe(r) & Steamy!

Some tips if you or your partner(s) are HIV positive:

  • Use Condoms.
  • Make informed decisions with your partner or partners.
  • Take HIV medication as prescribed by a doctor.
  • Talk to your partner about PrEP.

For more on HIV and LGBTQ youth, from prevention to testing and treatment, check out our Life & HIV interactive Prezi.


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