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How to Use the ASAP focus group website

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8th April

Welcome to the ASAP study! Here are step-by-step instructions for using the ASAP focus group website!

1. First, go to Using the username and password we created for you, log in on the upper right side of the screen.

2. When you log in to the site, you’ll see a list of forums, and your messages and account settings in the upper right corner.

3. The first time you log in, all you’ll see is a “Welcome” forum for you to read.

4. Then, when the focus group starts, there will be one new forum posted each day – Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

5. This blue conversation bubble shows that this forum has new content for you to read. The gray one means you’ve read everything.

6. In each forum, there will be several topics. Each of these topics contains a … Read More »

Hip Hop on the Down Low

23rd November

The Center on Halsted in Chicago continued its SpeakOUT Series with 5 local LGBTQ hip hop artists talking about what it’s like to be queer in hip hop. Emcee Sage Morgan-Hubbard, IMPACT’s very own Lou Bigelow, local performers Charity Taitt and Emanuel Vinson, and hip hop star Tim’m West present the power and complexity of changing culture and making your voice heard.

“It’s sometimes really small acts of courage,” West said. “It’s very powerful for somebody to see two brothers on the South Side holding hands… Sometimes we think politics has to be a protest, but [it] can be deciding you’re not going to leave your lover behind when you go back home for the holidays anymore.”

“Rosa [Parks] didn’t wait for them to say, ‘It’s okay for you to sit in the front,’” West said. “At some point, you just have … Read More »

“Austin Is Doing Something” a mural about HIV/AIDS

16th November

We joined the celebration of the Austin Is Doing Something mural in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. The mural raises awareness of HIV and sparks dialogue around what we can each do. It’s located on the northeast corner of Chicago and Mayfield Avenues, so go check it out if you can and continue to spread its message. We have the power to heal our community, and With Me Comes a Cure!

Please note:  Any statistical data cited in our videos is accurate at the time of publishing.

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