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Why participate in research? A look behind the scenes…

Posted on May 31st, 2012 by Lou in Allies, Youth Blog. No Comments

Have you ever wondered what happens after you participate in research?  You spend an hour or two answering survey questions, but what happens after that?  Well, here’s your answer:

Behind the scenes we compile your answers, along with all the other study participants’ answers onto one large dataset.  There, we can look at the whole group of participants rather than just one person, to help determine what’s going on with that group.  We can look at trends and averages to see if the group is at higher risk for depression or lack of social support, for example.  We can combine factors to see if heavy drinking makes people more or less likely to use condoms.  We can take a closer look at our community as a group to assess the needs that are or are not being met.

After all the number crunching, we’re able to translate it into informational videos, journal articles, and interventions.  Those are then used by health care providers, community centers, and information-seekers like you to help take care of our community.

When you participate in research, you’re much more than a number.  You’re part of a bigger picture and community working to see itself more clearly.  When you fill out a survey, you’re part of the solution.  Thanks for participating in research!

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