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New study highlights the complexity of transgender identities

Posted on September 14th, 2011 by Lou in Allies, Research Blog, Transgender Youth, Youth Blog. No Comments

This week we published a new study in the Journal of Sex Research that reports on data we collected from an online sample of transgender individuals (those that indicated that they identified with a gender other than, or in addition to, the gender associated with their birth sex). Among these 292 participants, genderqueer was the most common identity reported and pansexual and queer were the most common sexual orientations. Identifying with more than one gender identity (e.g., as both transgender and male) was common. Most participants either did not desire or were unsure of their desire to take hormones or undergo sexual reassignment surgery. The study explores potential explanations for the pattern of results (e.g, the influence of the Internet), which adds to a growing body of literature that highlights the diversity of experience within the transgender umbrella. It also emphasizes the need for both researchers and clinicians to be sensitive to these differences in identity, as well as thoughtful of their own use of language.

For more information, you can read the full article or look at all of IMPACT’s research findings.

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