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LGBT Health Awareness Week, 3/26-3/30

Posted on March 29th, 2012 by Farrin in Youth Blog. No Comments

The National Coalition for LGBT Health launched LGBT Health Awareness Week with a number of upcoming talks/discussions and ways to get involved. A list of events happening around the country can be found here.

They’ve also launched a new program gathering video and printed materials of individuals sharing stories about their healthcare experiences.  The LGBT Health Story is looking for answers to lots of questions that affect our community:


Questions that need answers…

What was your best health care experience?
What was your worst health care experience?
Where do you go for your medical care?
What are your big health care hurdles?
When did you come out to your health care provider?
How LGBTQ culturally competent is your health care provider(s)?
What would improve your health care experience?
What changes have occurred in your health care needs as you get older?
How does your family access health care?
If you don’t have health insurance, what do you do for medical care?


Do you have an answer?  Click here for details on submitting your health story or visit:



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