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Youth Blog–Black YMSM and HIV: Separating Fact from Fiction

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7th December

There is a lot of misinformation out there. Educate yourself to help reduce HIV stigma!

Youth Blog – What Are GBT Youth Reporting?

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6th October

Find out what GBT youth are reporting when it comes to sex, drugs, and more. A check-in with our RADAR study.

Research Blog—Recruitment and Retention with YMSM

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3rd June

Recruitment and retention can be challenging. Here, we share some tips from our experiences working with LGBTQ young people.

Research Blog–Stigma & Status: Social Factors Leading to Lack of Healthcare Access for MSM of Color

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28th April

MSM of color have barriers accessing HIV care compared to White MSM. Is overcoming stigma enough to get these individuals into care?

Racial/Ethnic Difference in HIV-Related Knowledge among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men and Their Association with Condom Errors

11th January

Findings stress need for more attention to HIV transmission-related educational activities targeting the social realities of YMSM.

A Data-Driven Simulation of HIV Spread Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men: Role of Age and Race Mixing and STIs

11th January

HIV prevention efforts should target YMSM across race and those in partnerships with older MSM.

Substance Use Network Characteristics and Drug and Alcohol Use Behaviors among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men (YMSM)

11th January

Structural characteristics of substance use networks may provide important information regarding the drug and alcohol use behavior of YMSM.

Iteratively Developing an mHealth HIV Prevention Program for Sexual Minority Adolescent Men

11th January

Description of steps undertaken to determine intervention acceptability and content for adolescent gay, bisexual, and queer men.

Neighborhood-Level Associations with HIV Infection Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men in Chicago

11th January

Study examines census data along with individual-level data from a longitudinal cohort of YMSM in Chicago.

Race-Based Sexual Stereotypes and Their Effects on Sexual Risk Behavior in Racially Diverse Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

11th January

Race-based stereotypes have important implications for the rate of condomless anal sex with racial minority partners for YMSM.


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