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Exploring Alcohol-Use Behaviors Among Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Adolescents: Intersections With Sex, Age, and Race/Ethnicity

22nd May

Alcohol use disparities among youths examining potential differences moderated by sex, age, or race/ethnicity.

Research Blog – Gender Expression and Butch/Femme Identities for Sexual Minority Women

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9th January

Complex representations of gender expressions and identities are often overlooked but are important to understanding minority stress.

Sexual Orientation and Fluctuating Asymmetry in Men and Women

27th December

Elevated levels of developmental stress linked to shifts in sexual orientation, but not connected to sex-atypical prenatal hormones.

Research Blog—Sexual Assault and Problematic Drinking in Bisexual Women

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15th November

Bisexual women may be at increased risk for sexual assaults over their life spans, especially when problematic drinking behaviors occur.

Who Are Your Favorite LGBT Couples?

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3rd September

The IMPACT Program has been asking young LGBT couples, “Who are your role models for having a healthy relationship?”

Dr. Meredith Chivers: What is Sexual Fluidity?

26th July

Dr. Chivers defines sexual fluidity as the tendency of bisexual or lesbian women to shift their sexual identity. However, while they may shift their identity Dr. Chivers does not think that the underlying sexual attraction is altered.

How Many LGBT Families Are There?

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29th May

New national census data provides surprising statistics about same-sex households in the United States, including who and where they are.

SpeakOUT with Meredith Chivers at Center on Halsted

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24th March

QUEERING the SEXLAB: or: How studying queer women has revealed that straight women are the biggest mystery of all.

Celebrate National Condom Week!

16th February

The IMPACT Program wants you to know 7 Stats about Condoms & Couples.

Explore methods of birth control

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15th November

Why do women who have sex with women need birth control??? Many women who have sex with women also have sex with men, and those that do may be twice as likely as straight women to become pregnant. Check out the Bedsider website to learn about all your birth control options.  You can select options based on their effectiveness, how party-ready they are, how well they work for STI prevention, and how easy they are to hide.  Although the website isn’t designed for bisexual women, we think it has some great information for you.  Check it out, and see what you think.

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