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Family Blog–How Parents Can Help LGBTQ Youth Deal with Bullying

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15th April

Parents play an important role in preventing and responding to bullying

It doesn’t ‘get better’ for some LGBT Youth

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9th February

New IMPACT study shows a risk of lasting mental health problems for severely victimized LGBT youths.

Research Blog – Study Shows It Gets Better for Many LGBTQ Youth

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12th June

Research finds LGBTQ mental health improves from late adolescence to early adulthood because of decreases in victimization.

Does It Get Better? A Longitudinal Analysis of Psychological Distress and Victimization in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth

3rd February

Psychological distress might get better with less victimization, and early experiences of stress impact the mental health of LGBTQ youth.

Youth Blog—How to Support A Friend Who Has Experienced Sexual Assault

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13th November

Anyone, anywhere along the gender or sexuality spectrums, can be a victim of sexual assault. Here are tips on how to help survivors.

Youth Blog—Cyberbullying and LGBTQ Youth: What Should You Do?

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7th August

Online bullying can be as harmful as Bullying in “real life”. This blog has tips for what you can do about it!

Research Blog—Victimization Linked to Poor School Outcomes in Sexual Minority Youth

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21st July

A new study in the American Journal of Public Health shows that LGB youth report worse school outcomes, likely due to victimization.

Sexual-Orientation Disparities in School: The Mediational Role of Indicators of Victimization in Achievement and Truancy Because of Feeling Unsafe

21st July

Study indicates needs for early intervention targeting school victimization.

Indicators of Victimization and Sexual Orientation among Adolescents: Analyses from Youth Risk Behavior Surveys

22nd May

An examination of victimization that leads to health disparities among LGBT youth using nuanced indicators of sexual minority status.

Research Blog – New Longitudinal Analysis Highlights Key Risk Factors for Smoking in LGBT Youth

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19th February

New study investigates the effects of psychosocial variables and demographic differences in smoking habits among LGBT youth.

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