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Youth Blog – What Are GBT Youth Reporting?

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6th October

Find out what GBT youth are reporting when it comes to sex, drugs, and more. A check-in with our RADAR study.

Substance Use Network Characteristics and Drug and Alcohol Use Behaviors among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men (YMSM)

11th January

Structural characteristics of substance use networks may provide important information regarding the drug and alcohol use behavior of YMSM.

Family Blog–The Role of Parents in Preventing Alcohol and Drug Abuse with LGBTQ Youth

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28th October

Unsure of how to talk to your LGBTQ teen about drugs and alcohol? Suspect your child is abusing drugs? Here’s what you can do.

Youth Blog—Poppers: More Risky Than You Think?

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7th January

Poppers, a common club drug, can be relatively easy to find for buyers over 18, but is the high worth the risks?

Research Blog—Mental Health Challenges Among Young Urban Sexual Minority Men

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15th October

Findings from the first study to assess mental disorders using diagnostic interviews with a large sample of male sexual minority youth

Sensation Seeking Predicting Growth in Adolescent Problem Behaviors

14th October

Pleasure seeking associated with substance use in boys and growth in sexual risk taking and substance use by girls, among other findings.

The MyPEEPS Randomized Controlled Trial: A Pilot of Preliminary Efficacy, Feasibility, and Acceptability of a Group-Level, HIV Risk Reduction Intervention for Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

14th October

Pilot study of an interactive, behavioral HIV prevention intervention targeting YMSM

Research Blog – Multilevel Influences on HIV and Substance Use in YMSM

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18th September

What are the connections between sexually transmitted infections, substance use, and romantic relationship patterns over time among YMSM?

Youth Blog – Being Real about Alcohol

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14th August

A real conversation about how to be safe and when to seek help.

Prevalence and Patterns of Smoking, Alcohol Use, and Illicit Drug Use in Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

21st July

Patterns and prevalence of substance use young MSM in Chicago were examined; group differences important for interventions were found.

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