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Family Blog–The Role of Parents in Preventing Alcohol and Drug Abuse with LGBTQ Youth

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28th October

Unsure of how to talk to your LGBTQ teen about drugs and alcohol? Suspect your child is abusing drugs? Here’s what you can do.

Effect of Housing Relocation and Neighborhood Environment on Adolescent Mental and Behavioral Health

12th February

Adolescents’ mental and behavioral health does not seem to be positively associated with the relocation to neighborhoods of lower poverty.

Youth Blog—Poppers: More Risky Than You Think?

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7th January

Poppers, a common club drug, can be relatively easy to find for buyers over 18, but is the high worth the risks?

Youth Blog – Being Real about Alcohol

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14th August

A real conversation about how to be safe and when to seek help.

Identifying Sexual Orientation Health Disparities in Adolescents: Analysis of Pooled Data From the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2005 and 2007

20th May

An exploration of the methodology behind YRBS pooling and data analysis used to study health disparities in gay youth.

Higher Pregnancy Rate for LGBT Youth

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7th June

The pregnancy rate for teenagers who identify as gay or bisexual is greater than that of their heterosexual counterparts.

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