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Youth Blog–Black YMSM and HIV: Separating Fact from Fiction

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7th December

There is a lot of misinformation out there. Educate yourself to help reduce HIV stigma!

Youth Blog – HIV Stigma

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17th November

Breaking down HIV Stigma – the causes, the impact, and how to challenge it.

Research Blog–Stigma & Status: Social Factors Leading to Lack of Healthcare Access for MSM of Color

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28th April

MSM of color have barriers accessing HIV care compared to White MSM. Is overcoming stigma enough to get these individuals into care?

Youth Blog—LGBTQ and Disabled: Another “Closet” for Some

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6th August

Disabilities are far more common than most people think, and LGBTQ people with disabilities deal with unique issues.

Youth Blog—Stereotypes Against Queer Asian American and Pacific Islanders

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8th May

For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month we ask you to challenge your assumptions of what it means to be a queer AAPI.

Survey for Individuals Who Are Trans or Gender Nonconforming – A Chance to Earn $50

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16th April

See if you qualify for a study on transgender and gender nonconforming health!

Research Blog – HIV Criminalization Laws in the United States

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27th March

What are HIV criminalization laws and what does existing research say about them?

Evaluation of Respondent-Driven Sampling in a Study of Urban Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

14th October

Respondent-driven sampling with YMSM may not be efficient for the rate of recruitment or effective in generating a representative sample.

Youth Blog—Ending the Stigma on HIV/AIDS Video

5th September

Generation L wants YOU to stop stigma!

Research Blog – Internalized Homophobia and Mental Health in LGB People

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25th July

We discuss what internalized homophobia is, how it is expressed, and how it is related to mental health in LGB people.

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