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Sexual health information seeking online: A mixed-methods study among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender young people

23rd August

Study reveals motivations and limits of seeking online sexual health information among a diverse sample of LGBT youth.

Latin@ HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

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15th October

Chicago organizations are hosting testing and awareness events across the city.

A Snapshot of LGBT Youth in Chicago

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11th July

At Pride Weekend 2012 we unveiled some of our findings about LGBT Youth in Chicago. Learn more, and download the colorful pdf here!

Celebrate National Condom Week!

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16th February

The IMPACT Program wants you to know 7 Stats about Condoms & Couples.

Is oral sex safer sex?

21st July

The answer might be more complicated than you think. Our newest video talks about the benefits and risks of oral sex, including what you need to know to protect yourself and your partners.

Take our Women’s Health and Sexuality Quiz!

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16th June

How much do you know about women’s health and sexuality? Do you know if lesbian and bisexual women face the same health risks as straight women? What are the ways that HIV is transmitted? How do you talk about sex with a partner? Find out how much you know by taking the Women’s Health and Sexuality Quiz below.

Click on one of the four numbered squares below to start the quiz.

Young Women’s Sexual Health Video – NEW from IMPACT Program!

9th May

Are you sex smart? We’ve already shared some safer sex tips in our male condom and lube videos. Now, you can check out our women’s sexual health video to learn about other tools you can use to protect yourself from HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancies. We’ll walk you through the different safer sex outfits that you can wear on your next date, no matter who it’s with!

Which lube is right for me?

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28th February

We received such a great response from our condom video. Many of you also had questions about lube, so we decided to make a video to share some information about lube choices that are safe to use with condoms.

DuBois, S. N., Emerson, E., & Mustanski, B. (2010). Condom-Related Problems Among a Racially Diverse Sample of Young Men Who Have Sex with Men. AIDS & Behavior.

It’s not just if you use a condom, its how you use a condom.

10th January

We just published result of a study showing 95% of young men who have sex with men (MSM) make errors when using condoms. So what were some of the most common errors made by young MSM? 59% did not squeeze air out of the condom, 42% used an oil-based lube, and 25% started having sex before they put on the condom.  These kinds of errors increased condom breakage and slippage. In other words, if you don’t use condoms correctly they don’t work as well to protect you from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. When used correctly condoms are very effective at preventing HIV.

We created a video to show you how to use a condom the right way, starring our own Steve Du Bois, MA. Help us spread the word about how to use condoms the right way by clicking … Read More »

How two guys can use a “female condom” for safer sex

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8th September

Some of the research we have done at the IMPACT Program has found that a lot (95%) of young guys make mistakes when they use  condoms.  That’s not such a big surprise when you consider that no one probably taught you how to use a condom correctly.  When use right, condoms are highly effective at preventing HIV and many other sexually transmitted infections.  So make sure you know the steps to use them correctly.

Here is a video showing the steps for how to use a “female condom” for anal sex.  The cartoon gets a little explicit at times so make sure you are in place that is private enough for you to watch it comfortably.

For the ladies, check out the video we previously posted for how to use a female condom.

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