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Talking to Your Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual Child About Sexual Orientation and Health

12th February

My child came out – how do I talk to them about staying healthy and safe?

LGBTQIA: An Identity Index

3rd October

Mind your p’s and q’s – check your knowledge of the LGBTQ alphabet to increase support for all identities.

Youth Blog – Intersectionality 101

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10th June

Our experiences are shaped by multiple parts of ourselves, and it’s not always easy to say what is the most important.

Exploring Alcohol-Use Behaviors Among Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Adolescents: Intersections With Sex, Age, and Race/Ethnicity

22nd May

Alcohol use disparities among youths examining potential differences moderated by sex, age, or race/ethnicity.

Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Racial Differences in Illicit Drug Use in a Sample of US High School Students

22nd May

An analysis of drug use differences between sexual minority and heterosexual students, including interactions with gender and race/ethnicity.

Protective School Climates and Reduced Risk for Suicide Ideation in Sexual Minority Youths

22nd May

Study examined effects of supportive school environments on decreasing suicidal ideation in LGBT youth.

The Association between Sexual Orientation Identity and Behavior across Race/Ethnicity, Sex, and Age in a Probability Sample of High School Students

20th May

The article explores associations between behavioral and identity dimensions of sexual orientation among youth in the US.

Envisioning an America Without Sexual Orientation Inequities in Adolescent Health

20th May

Using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory of development, this article explores a vision for social change necessary to eliminate health disparities in gay youth.

Identifying Sexual Orientation Health Disparities in Adolescents: Analysis of Pooled Data From the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2005 and 2007

20th May

An exploration of the methodology behind YRBS pooling and data analysis used to study health disparities in gay youth.

Intimacy, Monogamy, and Condom Problems Drive Unprotected Sex Among Young Men in Serious Relationships with Other Men: A Mixed Methods Dyadic Study

20th May

A mixed methods approach to understanding HIV risks in young men who have sex with men.

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