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Youth Blog – PEP 101: Be in the Know!

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9th July

Learn how PEP can help prevent HIV infections.

Sexual Compulsivity, State Affect, and Sexual Risk Behavior in a Daily Diary Study of Gay and Bisexual Men

11th June

Sexual compulsivity and affect were examined as potential predictors of sexual risk behavior for gay and bisexual MSM.

Cognitive Influences on Sexual Risk and Risk Appraisals in Men Who Have Sex with Men

11th June

Research shows cognitive variables play an important role in influencing sexual risk in MSM directly and indirectly via risk appraisals.

Research Blog – New IMPACT Research on Online Sexual Health Promotion for LGBT Youth

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5th June

Mixed methods study highlights the feasibility, acceptability, and initial efficacy of the Queer
Sex Ed intervention.

Feasibility, Acceptability, and Initial Efficacy of an Online Sexual Health Promotion Program for LGBT Youth: The Queer Sex Ed Intervention

5th June

Youth in same-sex relationships were recruited into a 5-module, online sexual health intervention. Initial efficacy is described.

Youth Blog—Be in the Know about PrEP!

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29th May

PrEP is an innovative HIV prevention strategy that could change the way we fight the AIDS epidemic.

Sexual Behavior in Young Adulthood: A Population-Based Twin Study

22nd May

Study of young adult twins to determine individual differences in sexual behaviors.

Envisioning an America Without Sexual Orientation Inequities in Adolescent Health

20th May

Using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory of development, this article explores a vision for social change necessary to eliminate health disparities in gay youth.

Identifying Sexual Orientation Health Disparities in Adolescents: Analysis of Pooled Data From the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2005 and 2007

20th May

An exploration of the methodology behind YRBS pooling and data analysis used to study health disparities in gay youth.

The Effects of Sexual Partnership and Relationship Characteristics on Three Sexual Risk Variables in Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

13th May

Study aimed to evaluate relationship and sexual partnership influences on sexual risk behavior in YMSM.

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