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“Is This Normal? Is This Not Normal? There Is No Set Example”: Sexual Health Intervention Preferences of LGBT Youth in Romantic Relationships

14th April

Research surrounding the romantic relationships of LGBT youth provides new findings for developing future sexual health interventions.

Youth Blog—Keeping It Safe(r) and Steamy

27th February

How to have a healthy relationship and satisfying sex life when you or your partner has HIV

Talking to Your Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual Child About Sexual Orientation and Health

12th February

My child came out – how do I talk to them about staying healthy and safe?

Youth Blog—What You Should Know about Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

22nd January

These two sexually transmitted infections are common and curable, but easy to miss without getting tested.

Online Focus Groups as an HIV Prevention Program for Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Adolescent Males

21st January

For both sexually experienced and inexperienced GBQ males, online focus groups show promise as an intervention to reduce HIV risk.

Research Blog—Problems Using Condoms Linked to Increased Risk of STIs in Men Who Have Sex with Men

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12th December

Why are there different rates of STIs among MSM subpopulations? A new study suggests condom misuse may explain some of the disparity.

Youth Blog—Dating Nearby: Location-Based Dating Apps

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31st October

App-dating is like IRL dating: It can be fun, romantic & awkward. Check out our tips to stay safe as you find a match!

Research Blog – Does Testing HIV-Negative Lead to More Risk Behaviors?

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24th September

Do GBQ men have more risky sex after testing negative for HIV? Researchers have developed a new measure to potentially answer this question.

Youth Blog – Ask an Expert: What if I’m Not Sure about Having Sex?

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9th September

Consent means that the people having sex with each other agree to it – and know that they can stop if they want to.

Youth Blog – Queer Women & HIV: Is There Really a Risk?

26th August

When you think of groups at risk for HIV, queer women don’t always come to mind. They can, however, be at risk.

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