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Do You Really Know HIV?

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10th August

HIV prevention and treatment is not what it was even years ago. Check out our new interactive Prezi to learn the latest information about HIV and LGBT young people!

What’s a Relationship Like With HIV?

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10th August

Dating, sex, relationships – it’s all complicated enough already. What happens when you throw HIV into the picture?

Sexual Compulsivity, State Affect, and Sexual Risk Behavior in a Daily Diary Study of Gay and Bisexual Men

11th June

Sexual compulsivity and affect were examined as potential predictors of sexual risk behavior for gay and bisexual MSM.

A Psychometric Investigation of the Hypersexual Disorder Screening Inventory among Highly Sexually Active Gay and Bisexual Men: An Item Response Theory Analysis.

27th December

Study shows a quantitative conception of hypersexuality with a clinically relevant cutoff score may be appropriate for diagnostic purposes.

Individual Differences in the Effects of Mood on Sexuality: The Revised Mood and Sexuality Questionnaire (MSQ-R)

27th December

Effects of mood on sex and sexuality are assessed using the Mood and Sexuality Questionnaire. Implications and limitations are discussed.

Youth Blog—Ask an Expert: Am I the Only One Not Having Sex?

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8th November

When you’re not having sex and it seems like everyone is talking about sex, it can seem like you are the only one not doing it. But are you?

Sensation seeking moderates the effects of alcohol and drug use prior to sex on sexual risk in young men who have sex with men

23rd August

Longitudinal data with young MSM investigates alcohol use as a predictor of sexual risk taking.

Moderating effect of age on the association between alcohol use and sexual risk in MSM: Evidence for elevated risk among younger MSM

23rd August

Study indicates alcohol use before sex is associated with increased odds of sexual risk in younger MSM only.

Are sexual partners met online associated with HIV/STI risk behaviours? Retrospective and daily diary data in conflict

16th August

MSM who engage in high-risk sex use the Internet to meet sexual partners; meeting partners online doesn’t necessarily cause high-risk sex.

Moderating effects of age on the alcohol and sexual risk taking association: an online daily diary study of men who have sex with men

16th August

Age and number of drinks consumed found to be significant moderators of association between alcohol consumption and sexual risk taking.

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