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LGB and Questioning Students in Schools: The Moderating Effects of Homophobic Bullying and School Climate on Negative Outcomes

11th June

LGB and questioning students were more likely to report a more hostile middle school climate of bullying, homophobia, and various negative outcomes than peers.

Research Blog > Protective School Climates Reduce Suicide Ideation in LGBT Youth

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4th September

New school study is one of the first to link school policies at the state level to state-wide LGB mental health.

Youth Blog > Gay in the NCAA (Part III)

12th July

An ever-expanding network of allies and out athletes is making it increasingly acceptable for athletes to come out, even on youth teams.

Youth Blog > Gay in the NCAA (Part II)

24th June

So to them I didn’t suddenly become a gay athlete. I was still just Ben.

Youth Blog > Gay in the NCAA (Part I)

17th June

Flying through the air on the high bar… I found brief moments when I felt absolutely free to be the real me.

Youth Blog > Happy 25th Birthday, Gay-Straight Alliances!

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16th May

2013 Marks the 25-year anniversary of the first Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)! What kind of support do these groups provide to students?

Research Blog > New Report Shows High Rates of Bullying of LGBT Students in School Athletics

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12th April

Data taken from 8,584 LGBT students suggests that bullying is of particular concern during physical education classes and school athletics.

Is Your School LGBT Friendly?

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16th November

Some states have policies and laws that seek to protect LGBT students in schools. Where does your state stand?

Gender Nonconformity and LGBT-Affirmative Climates, Part 2

5th November

Sexual prejudice is complex; therefore, anti-bullying campaigns and prevention efforts must also take a multifaceted approach.

Pride 2011: How are You a Hero?

5th August

This year at Pride our “I heart my sexuality” campaign was back again! The focus for 2011 is “Community in Action” because engaging in advocacy for our community stems at least partially from a sense of self-esteem and pride that leads us to seek out greater equality for our community.

We captured many of the ways that our LGBTQ community makes a difference in our world. At PrideFest and Dyke March we video-taped community responses to questions that explore what people love about their sexuality, why they’re a hero, and more.

Here’s our first Pride 2011 video, hot off the editing block! Let’s celebrate all our young LGBTQ heroes!!

For more information about Community in Action and to see everyone’s answers on why they love their sexuality, check out our Pride 2011 page!

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