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Are sexual partners met online associated with HIV/STI risk behaviours? Retrospective and daily diary data in conflict

16th August

MSM who engage in high-risk sex use the Internet to meet sexual partners; meeting partners online doesn’t necessarily cause high-risk sex.

Youth Blog > Sex Partners and (Un)Safe Sex

22nd March

To help guys think about risk in different kinds of relationships, here are some tips from IMPACT!

White Paper: A Healthy Chicago for LGBT Youth

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9th February

A new IMPACT Program White Paper reports on eight areas where LGBT Youth in Chicago face health disparities – and how to take action.

WTTW’s Chicago Today airs segment on “A Healthy Chicago for LGBT Youth”

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3rd January

The segment highlights the IMPACT Program’s recent publication on LGBT health disparities in Chicago, and features the experiences of two young leaders.

Study highlights uses of condoms among gay men in real world contexts

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26th March

New study of a large online sample (14,750 men) specifically focuses on two key aspects of their most recent penile-anal intercourse (PAI) events: relationship characteristics and specific ejaculation behaviors of the two partners.

Celebrate National Condom Week!

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16th February

The IMPACT Program wants you to know 7 Stats about Condoms & Couples.

Explore methods of birth control

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15th November

Why do women who have sex with women need birth control??? Many women who have sex with women also have sex with men, and those that do may be twice as likely as straight women to become pregnant. Check out the Bedsider website to learn about all your birth control options.  You can select options based on their effectiveness, how party-ready they are, how well they work for STI prevention, and how easy they are to hide.  Although the website isn’t designed for bisexual women, we think it has some great information for you.  Check it out, and see what you think.

Is oral sex safer sex?

21st July

The answer might be more complicated than you think. Our newest video talks about the benefits and risks of oral sex, including what you need to know to protect yourself and your partners.

Sexual Health: Female Condom (FC2)

31st May

Become an expert on the female condom (FC2)! Our newest sexual health video goes over the basics of the FC2, including how you can use it for both vaginal and anal sex. Check it out and learn why female condoms are a fun and effective safer sex tool.
Want to learn more about how to stay healthy and protected? Keep your eyes peeled for our Women’s Health & Sexuality Quiz and our Oral Sex & STI Prevention video, coming soon!

Young Women’s Sexual Health Video – NEW from IMPACT Program!

9th May

Are you sex smart? We’ve already shared some safer sex tips in our male condom and lube videos. Now, you can check out our women’s sexual health video to learn about other tools you can use to protect yourself from HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancies. We’ll walk you through the different safer sex outfits that you can wear on your next date, no matter who it’s with!

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