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Research Blog—Geosocial Networking Application Use among Partnered Gay, Bisexual, and other Men Who Have Sex with Men

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14th October

App use: What happens after a relationship begins, and how does it affect relationships?

Youth Blog – How to Communicate about Sexual Health with an HIV-Positive Partner

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13th October

Excited about a potential partner, but worried because they’re HIV positive? Tips on how to talk about sex and health.

What’s a Relationship Like With HIV?

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10th August

Dating, sex, relationships – it’s all complicated enough already. What happens when you throw HIV into the picture?

Research Blog—Unique and Normal: Friendships Between Straight Women and Gay Men

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3rd February

Healthy relationships include friendships that span gender and sexual orientation.

A Data-Driven Simulation of HIV Spread Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men: Role of Age and Race Mixing and STIs

11th January

HIV prevention efforts should target YMSM across race and those in partnerships with older MSM.

A Longitudinal Study of Interpersonal Relationships Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adolescents and Young Adults: Mediational Pathways from Attachment to Romantic Relationship Quality

11th January

Describes relationship among mental health, attachment to parents/peers, and relationships during adolescence and young adulthood.

Developmental Change in the Effects of Sexual Partner and Relationship Characteristics on Sexual Risk Behavior in Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

11th January

Results suggest need for HIV prevention strategies that address dyadic influences on condomless anal intercourse for YMSM.

Non-Parental Adults in the Social and Risk Behavior Networks of Sexual Minority Male Youth

11th January

African American and Latino sexual minority male youth may be particularly poised to benefit from positive non-parental adult relationships.

Youth Blog–How Do I Know I Have Received Sexual Consent?

17th December

Is touching okay? Is kissing okay? How do I know I’ve reached a limit? The answers lie in seeking and ensuring consent.

Research Blog – The Future of LGBTQ Research with Sexual Minority Adolescents

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24th July

In his recent paper, Dr. Brian Mustanski describes today as “an exciting time to be conducting this research.”


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