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Research Blog – The Future of LGBTQ Research with Sexual Minority Adolescents

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24th July

In his recent paper, Dr. Brian Mustanski describes today as “an exciting time to be conducting this research.”

Research Blog–Relationship Stages and Processes among Young LGBT Couples

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1st July

How similar and different are young LGBT couples’ and straight couples’ relationships? Read on to see what IMPACT researchers found!

“The Best Is Always Yet to Come”: Relationship Stages and Processes among Young LGBT Couples

1st July

Relationship development models warrant modifications when applied to young LGBT couples

Research Blog – Dating Violence in Young Queer Couples: Is It Different from Straight Couples?

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28th May

Straight or queer, violence in romantic relationships is alarmingly common, but LGB youth may face additional challenges.

Research Blog – Coming Out Again: Diversity in Sexual Orientation and Attraction for Trans Men

13th May

What does research show about shifts in sexual orientation and sexual attraction for trans men?

Developmental Change in the Effects of Sexual Partner and Relationship Characteristics on Sexual Risk Behavior in Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

6th May

Psychosocial and neurocognitive developmental changes in LGBT adolescents may influence risky sexual behaviors.

“Is This Normal? Is This Not Normal? There Is No Set Example”: Sexual Health Intervention Preferences of LGBT Youth in Romantic Relationships

14th April

Research surrounding the romantic relationships of LGBT youth provides new findings for developing future sexual health interventions.

Youth Blog—Keeping It Safe(r) and Steamy

27th February

How to have a healthy relationship and satisfying sex life when you or your partner has HIV

Youth Blog—Ask an Expert: Should I Use Dating Apps in a Relationship?

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24th November

My partner and I met on a dating app and decided to get serious. Is it okay to keep using this app?

Research Blog—LGBTQ Young Adults’ Definitions of Serious Relationships

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12th November

Participants from IMPACT’s Project Q2 explain the difference between “just dating” and “serious.”

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