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A Network-Individual-Resource Model for HIV Prevention

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13th May

Network-Individual-Resource model for HIV prevention recognizes how exchanges of resources underlies HIV-risk behaviors.

Research Blog – What is HIV Prevention Fatigue?

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9th May

We look at the research on prevention fatigue and how it may be related to higher risks of transmitting HIV.

FDA Approves Truvada

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30th August

Truvada is to be used in combination with safer-sex practices as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Protect Your Love

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20th June

Check out this beautiful safe-sex ad campaign by the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP), a Canadian AIDS prevention and education organization, serving the South Asian populations in the Greater Toronto Area.

You use your instincts to protect those you love from danger, don’t you?

Protect YOUR LOVE…in every way:



Keep It Up! Launches this Week!

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19th March

The goal of the program is for young HIV negative MSM to “Keep It Up!” and maintain the behaviors that keep them safe and negative.

Mental Health Forum on Suicide Prevention

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12th March

Please join us for a community conversation, discussing suicide prevention, hosted by Congressman Mike Quigley & Congressman Danny K. Davis.

WBEZ Reports: LGBT teen suicide risks & preventative measures

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21st February

Listen to the WBEZ report on IMPACT’s latest publication concerning LGBT youth suicide risks and preventative measures.

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