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Research Blog – Growing LGB Acceptance among Latinos

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28th March

Hispanics’ support of LGBT concerns is on the rise.

Research Blog – New Longitudinal Analysis Highlights Key Risk Factors for Smoking in LGBT Youth

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19th February

New study investigates the effects of psychosocial variables and demographic differences in smoking habits among LGBT youth.

Research Blog – Providing LGBT Competent Therapy

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11th February

Psychologists are working to address the lack of LGBT competency among therapists, but much remains to be done.

Youth Blog—Ask an Expert: Too Shy?

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31st January

How to start small to conquer a big fear.

Research Blog – Gender Expression and Butch/Femme Identities for Sexual Minority Women

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9th January

Complex representations of gender expressions and identities are often overlooked but are important to understanding minority stress.

Do psychiatric disorders moderate the relationship between psychological distress and sexual risk-taking behaviors in young men who have sex with men? A longitudinal perspective.

27th December

Between-person correlates, including ethnicity and MDD, emerged as determinants of unprotected anal sex acts among YMSM.

A Psychometric Investigation of the Hypersexual Disorder Screening Inventory among Highly Sexually Active Gay and Bisexual Men: An Item Response Theory Analysis.

27th December

Study shows a quantitative conception of hypersexuality with a clinically relevant cutoff score may be appropriate for diagnostic purposes.

Research Blog—Gender and the DSM

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12th December

This is a brief introduction to the new DSM-5’s purpose, history, and the relevant contentions in its relationship with gender.

Prevalence of mental health disorders among low-income African American adolescents

22nd November

Data show burden of mental disorders for low-income, urban African American adolescents and implications for addressing unmet needs.

Research Blog > Shedding Light on the Invisible “I”

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27th September

Research on individuals with congenital adrenal hyperplasia elucidates physical and mental health implications of this intersex condition.

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