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Youth Blog–Gender: We Don’t All Have to Follow the Rules

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3rd September

What is gender nonconformity, and how does it relate to being LGBT?

Research Blog – Coming Out Again: Diversity in Sexual Orientation and Attraction for Trans Men

13th May

What does research show about shifts in sexual orientation and sexual attraction for trans men?

Youth Blog – Coming Out to Asian and Pacific Islander American Families

19th March

A sneak peak at Asian Pacific Islander Americans’ LGBTQ experience. Intersectionality matters!

Youth Blog – I Am Who I Say I Am: Changing Your Name and Gender on Official Documents

19th February

It can be confusing enough becoming who you are. Here are some tips on how to make sure your IDs reflect your identity.

Youth Blog – Intersectionality 101

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10th June

Our experiences are shaped by multiple parts of ourselves, and it’s not always easy to say what is the most important.

Feasibility, Acceptability, and Initial Efficacy of an Online Sexual Health Promotion Program for LGBT Youth: The Queer Sex Ed Intervention

5th June

Youth in same-sex relationships were recruited into a 5-module, online sexual health intervention. Initial efficacy is described.

The Association between Sexual Orientation Identity and Behavior across Race/Ethnicity, Sex, and Age in a Probability Sample of High School Students

20th May

The article explores associations between behavioral and identity dimensions of sexual orientation among youth in the US.

Youth Blog— Being an Ally to the Transgender Community

13th March

Understanding gender identity, transgender youth, and how to become an ally.

Special Section on Sexual Health in Gay and Bisexual Male Couples Published in Archives of Sexual Behavior

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6th February

Findings answer new questions and challenge traditional research on male couples. Co-edited by Dr. Mustanski with contributions from IMPACT.

Research Blog – Support Matters in Coming Out

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27th August

Researchers wondered if parental support upon coming out had any association with LGB health. What did they find? Support matters.

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