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Youth Blog – Queer Women & HIV: Is There Really a Risk?

26th August

When you think of groups at risk for HIV, queer women don’t always come to mind. They can, however, be at risk.

Depression and Sexual Dysfunction Among HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Men Who Have Sex With Men: Mediation by Use of Antidepressants and Recreational Stimulants

18th July

Model of depression as a predictor of subsequent sexual dysfunction, mediated by antidepressants, stimulant use, and smoking among HIV+ MSM

Stuck in the Middle: Longitudinal HIV-Related Health Disparities among Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women

18th July

Study found that men who have sex with men and women were significantly more likely to exhibit negative HIV-related health outcomes and scores.

Youth Blog – PEP 101: Be in the Know!

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9th July

Learn how PEP can help prevent HIV infections.

Cognitive Influences on Sexual Risk and Risk Appraisals in Men Who Have Sex with Men

11th June

Research shows cognitive variables play an important role in influencing sexual risk in MSM directly and indirectly via risk appraisals.

Moderate Levels of Depression Predict Sexual Transmission Risk in HIV-Infected MSM: A Longitudinal Analysis of Data From Six Sites Involved in a “Prevention for Positives” Study

11th June

Assessing and treating depression may decrease the likelihood of sexual risk and help to contain the HIV epidemic among MSM.

Youth Blog—Be in the Know about PrEP!

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29th May

PrEP is an innovative HIV prevention strategy that could change the way we fight the AIDS epidemic.

Problematic Alcohol Use Among Individuals with HIV: Relations with Everyday Memory Functioning and HIV Symptom Severity

22nd May

Researchers studied problematic alcohol use in HIV-infected people and found associations with worse everyday memory functioning and HIV symptom severity.

Methods for the Design and Analysis of Relationship and Partner Effects on Sexual Health

13th May

The majority of sexual health research involves the study of individuals. This article aims to describe dyadic processes related to sexual health.

Introduction to the Special Section on Sexual Health in Gay and Bisexual Male Couples

13th May

Article explores the context for research on gay and bisexual men and introduces articles curated on this topic.

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