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Research Blog—Improving HIV Prevention: Comparing the Impact of Different Approaches

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21st April

Seek, test, treat, and retain: exploring recent evidence on optimizing HIV prevention interventions.

Research Blog–Few Teenage Gay Men Get Tested for HIV

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2nd December

Young gay men are at the highest risk for HIV infection, yet only 1 in 5 have ever been tested according to a recent national study.

Low Rates of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing Among Adolescent Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Men

2nd December

HIV testing rates shown to be low among adolescent gay and bisexual men. Many even lack knowledge about the closest testing site.

Research Blog – Does Testing HIV-Negative Lead to More Risk Behaviors?

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24th September

Do GBQ men have more risky sex after testing negative for HIV? Researchers have developed a new measure to potentially answer this question.

Testing Negative Means I’m Lucky, Making Good Choices, or Immune: Diverse Reactions to HIV Test Results Are Associated with Risk Behaviors

21st July

Individuals respond differently to negative HIV tests, with some individuals subsequently engaging in increased HIV risk behaviors.

Research Blog – Identifying and Addressing Barriers to HIV Testing among YMSM

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27th June

Understanding why youth access HIV testing infrequently is crucial to promoting testing and status knowledge within this demographic.

Research Blog – New IMPACT Research on HIV Risk in Young Male Couples

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2nd January

Mixed methods study findings are highlighted and implications for intervention are presented.

Research Blog > The Role of Social Networking in Targeted HIV Prevention and Research

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6th March

How users interact on social networking sites like Facebook has implications for HIV prevention efforts.

“Centro de tu Noche” ¡Lanzamiento de nueva iniciativa de pruebas del VIH!

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22nd February

New Testing Initiative Launched! “Centro de tu Noche”

First At-Home HIV Test in Drug Stores Now

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14th November

OraSure has released the first-ever at-home HIV test to increase access to quick, reliable testing, and individuals’ awareness of HIV status.

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