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Research Blog—Queer in the South: Risk, Resilience, and Movement for Change

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17th December

The South is home to millions of LGBTQ people in the US who face health inequities and stressors but are working for change every day.

The Role of Geographic and Network Factors in Racial Disparities in HIV Among Young Men Who have Sex with Men: An Egocentric Network Study

3rd February

Racial disparities in HIV are not shown to be driven by differences in individuals’ HIV risk behaviors.

Future Directions in Research On Sexual Minority Adolescent Mental, Behavioral, and Sexual Health

3rd February

Gaps and opportunities for research that would contribute to more holistic knowledge of the health of sexual minority youth are discussed.

Sexual Orientation Disparities in Sexually Transmitted Infection Risk Behaviors and Risk Determinants among Sexually Active Adolescent Males: Results from a School-Based Sample

21st July

Sexual health disparities emerge early in the life course and vary by both sexual orientation identity and sexual behaviors.

Stuck in the Middle: Longitudinal HIV-Related Health Disparities among Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women

18th July

Study found that men who have sex with men and women were significantly more likely to exhibit negative HIV-related health outcomes and scores.

Research Blog – New IMPACT Research on Online Sexual Health Promotion for LGBT Youth

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5th June

Mixed methods study highlights the feasibility, acceptability, and initial efficacy of the Queer
Sex Ed intervention.

Indicators of Victimization and Sexual Orientation among Adolescents: Analyses from Youth Risk Behavior Surveys

22nd May

An examination of victimization that leads to health disparities among LGBT youth using nuanced indicators of sexual minority status.

Research Blog – New Longitudinal Analysis Highlights Key Risk Factors for Smoking in LGBT Youth

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19th February

New study investigates the effects of psychosocial variables and demographic differences in smoking habits among LGBT youth.

American Journal of Public Health Releases Special Issue on LGBT Youth

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6th February

Co-edited by Dr. Mustanski with articles by IMPACT faculty, the issue reports on the largest population-based project on LGBT youth health.

Prevalence of mental health disorders among low-income African American adolescents

22nd November

Data show burden of mental disorders for low-income, urban African American adolescents and implications for addressing unmet needs.

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