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Family Blog—Supporting Gender Diverse Kids in School

13th May

Schools can be a challenging space for trans and gender diverse kids. Read on for resources for parents to make it easier.

Family Blog—Gender-Inclusive Approaches to Parenting

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25th January

All children can benefit from gender-inclusive parenting! Learn how and why to start today.

Research Blog—Barriers to Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Individuals

10th December

What challenges stand in the way of pursuing gender-affirming care? Check out findings from our ongoing study.

Youth Blog—What to Remember on Trans Day of Remembrance?

19th November

On Trans Day of Remembrance, learn ways to fight the violence faced by trans women/trans feminine people by being a better ally.

Gender Identity Map

28th October

Explore our interactive map to discover the many different but related identities and expressions that make up the idea of “gender.”

Youth Blog – Title IX and LGBTQ Students

3rd July

You may have heard a lot of talk lately about something called “Title IX” and gender. But what does it all mean? Find out!

Youth Blog— Being an Ally to the Transgender Community

13th March

Understanding gender identity, transgender youth, and how to become an ally.

Youth Blog – Knowing Your Rights as a Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming Person

28th February

Do you know your rights? Check out Lambda Legal’s Transgender Rights Toolkit.

Youth Blog > Pushing the Boundaries of Gender

18th January

Young people are helping to change our society’s definitions of gender.

Resources for parents of gender variant children

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9th September

Recently a parent contacted us with some questions about her son who is very interested in wearing woman’s clothing and makeup and playing with toys that are traditionally though of for girls (e.g. dollhouses).  Some of our colleagues, who are leading experts in this area, offered these suggestions of resources for parents with gender variant children.

This brochure is made by the Gender and Sexuality Advocacy and Education Program at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC. Their website also includes other resources for kids and parents, including a listserv for parents and a summer camp for kids. The brochure has why gender variance occurs, what can be expect in the future, how to support your child and yourself, as well as other useful resources.

Here’s an excerpt about the question, why does it occur?

“Although science has yet to pinpoint the … Read More »

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