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Youth Blog – Be Heard For Who You Are!

3rd March

A new Voice & Communication group for Trans* Youth & Young Adults in Chicago is launching soon.

Family Blog—Gender-Inclusive Approaches to Parenting

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25th January

All children can benefit from gender-inclusive parenting! Learn how and why to start today.

Research Blog–Policy Brief: Changing Name and Gender on Government IDs

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7th July

Recent policy changes have made it easier for transgender people to update their IDs, but we still have a long way to go.

Youth Blog—Ask an Expert: How Do I Tell Others That I’m Transgender?

2nd April

Sharing that you’re transgender can be difficult and rewarding. How do you know if you’re ready and how do you start the conversation?

Youth Blog – I Am Who I Say I Am: Changing Your Name and Gender on Official Documents

19th February

It can be confusing enough becoming who you are. Here are some tips on how to make sure your IDs reflect your identity.

Research Blog – Use of Puberty Blocking Medications in the Treatment of Gender Dysphoria: A Clinical Research Review

18th December

How puberty blocking medication is being used to support the healthy development of transgender adolescents

Gender Identity Map

28th October

Explore our interactive map to discover the many different but related identities and expressions that make up the idea of “gender.”

Youth Blog—Queer Women in Beauty Pageants

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7th October

Women of many sexualities and genders have conquered pageant crowns and stereotypes. These women show how visibility matters.

LGBTQIA: An Identity Index

3rd October

Mind your p’s and q’s – check your knowledge of the LGBTQ alphabet to increase support for all identities.

Stud Identity among Female-Born Youth of Color: Joint Conceptualizations of Gender Variance and Same-Sex Sexuality

11th June

Narratives from four female-born youth of color who identify as a “stud” were examined in relation to gender and sexuality.

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