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LGBTQIA: An Identity Index

3rd October

Mind your p’s and q’s – check your knowledge of the LGBTQ alphabet to increase support for all identities.

Youth Blog—Ask an Expert: How Do I Know if I’m Gay?

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18th April

A lot of young people email us and ask: “How do I know if I’m gay?” Our Ask An Expert blog tackles how to think through these questions.

Research Blog – Growing LGB Acceptance among Latinos

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28th March

Hispanics’ support of LGBT concerns is on the rise.

Special Section on Sexual Health in Gay and Bisexual Male Couples Published in Archives of Sexual Behavior

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6th February

Findings answer new questions and challenge traditional research on male couples. Co-edited by Dr. Mustanski with contributions from IMPACT.

Youth Blog — Why It’s So Important for All Young Gay Black Men to Get Tested for HIV!

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5th February

February 7th is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Know your status!

Know Your Status! Get Tested at Vida/SIDA!

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27th January

Do you know your HIV status? Get tested for free at Chicago’s community clinic Vida/SIDA!

Introduction to Queer Sex Ed

3rd January

Ed describes sexual health and introduces the Queer Sex Ed online intervention for queer youth.

Dr. Meredith Chivers: How Do You Know If You’re Gay?

3rd January

Dr. Chivers says that around 12 or 13 years of age, youth may begin to feel attracted to the same sex and should then explore their sexuality.

Youth Blog > September 27th: National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

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27th September

This day recognizes the impact of HIV in gay men and the importance of taking steps to reduce the number of new cases.

Youth Blog – Gay Biology: Does Epigenetics Cause Homosexuality?

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19th September

Epigenetics change how our genes express themselves and have been suggested to be a cause of homosexuality.

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