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Research Blog—Mental Health Challenges Among Young Urban Sexual Minority Men

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15th October

Findings from the first study to assess mental disorders using diagnostic interviews with a large sample of male sexual minority youth

Mental Health Disorders in Young Urban Sexual Minority Men

14th October

MDE, conduct disorder, alcohol use, PTSD, and nicotine dependence are common and infrequently treated in young sexual minority men.

Research Blog – Internalized Homophobia and Mental Health in LGB People

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25th July

We discuss what internalized homophobia is, how it is expressed, and how it is related to mental health in LGB people.

Effect of OPRM1 and Stressful Life Events on Symptoms of Major Depression in African American Adolescents

18th July

Study is first to find an interaction between OPRM1 and life stress that is associated with depression in African American adolescents.

Depression and Sexual Dysfunction Among HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Men Who Have Sex With Men: Mediation by Use of Antidepressants and Recreational Stimulants

18th July

Model of depression as a predictor of subsequent sexual dysfunction, mediated by antidepressants, stimulant use, and smoking among HIV+ MSM

Stuck in the Middle: Longitudinal HIV-Related Health Disparities among Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women

18th July

Study found that men who have sex with men and women were significantly more likely to exhibit negative HIV-related health outcomes and scores.

Moderate Levels of Depression Predict Sexual Transmission Risk in HIV-Infected MSM: A Longitudinal Analysis of Data From Six Sites Involved in a “Prevention for Positives” Study

11th June

Assessing and treating depression may decrease the likelihood of sexual risk and help to contain the HIV epidemic among MSM.

A Syndemic of Psychosocial Health Disparities and Associations With Risk for Attempting Suicide Among Young Sexual Minority Men

22nd May

An analysis of syndemic psychosocial health issues among MSM, MSWM and MSW.

Research Blog – The Relationship Between Mood and Sexuality

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10th April

We describe a new questionnaire, the MSQ-R, which sheds light on the complex relationship between positive and negative moods and sexuality.

A longitudinal study of predictors of suicide attempts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth

6th September

Study describes proximal and distal determinants of suicide attempts among LGBT youth and highlights need for prevention programs.

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