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What interests us? Our research blog highlights the evolving work of the IMPACT team, along with other noteworthy findings in the LGBT health field. We invite you to explore the posts below and visit our  Current Research Projects and Publications pages to learn more about the breadth of our research.

2nd Call for Submissions: 2014 Chicago LGBTQ Health and Wellness Conference

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29th August

Don’t forget to submit your research presentation proposals online through September 7th.

Research Blog – Out in the Country: Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Mothers

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27th August

Rural LGB mothers experience challenges in family planning and parental rights, but show resilience in the face of minority stress.

Research Blog – MSM Attitudes toward Condoms when Presented with Newer Options

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18th August

Will getting information on new HIV prevention methods affect how men who have sex with men think and feel about using condoms?

Call for Submissions: 2014 Chicago LGBTQ Health and Wellness Conference

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15th August

Submit a panel, paper, or poster presentation proposal online through September 7th.

Pridefest Video: I Make an IMPACT!

29th July

Watch as we ask folks at Chicago Pridefest 2014 how they make an IMPACT on the LGBT community!!

Parents: Join our Parent Adolescent Health Study

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28th July

Parent of a Gay, Lesbian, or Bi teen? Help improve young men and women’s health by completing our online survey and get paid!

Research Blog – Internalized Homophobia and Mental Health in LGB People

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25th July

We discuss what internalized homophobia is, how it is expressed, and how it is related to mental health in LGB people.

Testing Negative Means I’m Lucky, Making Good Choices, or Immune: Diverse Reactions to HIV Test Results Are Associated with Risk Behaviors

21st July

Individuals respond differently to negative HIV tests, with some individuals subsequently engaging in increased HIV risk behaviors.

Sexual Orientation Disparities in Sexually Transmitted Infection Risk Behaviors and Risk Determinants among Sexually Active Adolescent Males: Results from a School-Based Sample

21st July

Sexual health disparities emerge early in the life course and vary by both sexual orientation identity and sexual behaviors.

Prevalence and Patterns of Smoking, Alcohol Use, and Illicit Drug Use in Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

21st July

Patterns and prevalence of substance use young MSM in Chicago were examined; group differences important for interventions were found.

Mental Health and Suicidality among Racially/Ethnically Diverse Sexual Minority Youths

21st July

Youth Risk Behavior Survey showed that suicide risk varied based on sex and on race/ethnicity for sexual minority youth.

Effects of Messaging About Multiple Biomedical and Behavioral HIV Prevention Methods on Intentions to use Among US MSM: Results of an Experimental Messaging Study

21st July

Does receiving combinations of different HIV prevention messages produce differences in perceived benefits and costs of condom use in MSM?

Research Blog—Victimization Linked to Poor School Outcomes in Sexual Minority Youth

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21st July

A new study in the American Journal of Public Health shows that LGB youth report worse school outcomes, likely due to victimization.

Sexual-Orientation Disparities in School: The Mediational Role of Indicators of Victimization in Achievement and Truancy Because of Feeling Unsafe

21st July

Study indicates needs for early intervention targeting school victimization.

Associations of Sexually Transmitted Infections with Condom Problems among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

18th July

Associations between sexually transmitted infections and condom errors in YMSM demonstrate the need for educational programs on condom use.

Effect of OPRM1 and Stressful Life Events on Symptoms of Major Depression in African American Adolescents

18th July

Study is first to find an interaction between OPRM1 and life stress that is associated with depression in African American adolescents.

Predictors of Co-Occurring Risk Behavior Trajectories Among Economically Disadvantaged African-American Youth: Contextual and Individual Factors

18th July

An investigation of contextual and individual factors yielded differences in risk behavior trajectories for low SES African-American youth.

Developmental Change in the Relationship Between Alcohol and Drug Use Before Sex and Sexual Risk Behavior in Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

18th July

Found in this longitudinal study was a positive association between alcohol use and sexual risk amongst young men who have sex with men.

Depression and Sexual Dysfunction Among HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Men Who Have Sex With Men: Mediation by Use of Antidepressants and Recreational Stimulants

18th July

Model of depression as a predictor of subsequent sexual dysfunction, mediated by antidepressants, stimulant use, and smoking among HIV+ MSM

Stuck in the Middle: Longitudinal HIV-Related Health Disparities among Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women

18th July

Study found that men who have sex with men and women were significantly more likely to exhibit negative HIV-related health outcomes and scores.

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