The LGBT Health & Development Program

Ce-PIM Supplement

This study is titled the Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology (Ce-PIM) Supplement: Effects of Prevention on LGBT Youth. Recent studies have shown that many LGBT youth experience higher rates of drug use, delinquent behavior, high-risk sexual behavior, and suicide ideation and attempts. But major gaps still exist around LGBT youth in the prevention literature. We know little about whether interventions that benefit general populations also show benefit for LGBT youth. Knowing if existing preventive interventions that are not specific to LGBT youth are protective for LGBT youth would make a substantial contribution to our understanding of how to address these health disparities.

Our study aims to address this challenge by synthesizing findings across different prevention programs which, when combined, could provide sufficient information to be able to measure the overall impact of prevention interventions on LGBT youth.

Principal Investigators:  C. Hendricks Brown, PhD, and Brian Mustanski, PhD
Funder:  National Institute on Drug Abuse

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