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E-SNAp logoThe overarching goal of E-SNAp (Evaluation using a Social Networks Approach) is to assess the diffusion of HIV prevention information among Latino young men who have sex with men (YMSM) 18 to 24 years old enrolled in “Mpowerment” (a CDC Evidence-based Behavioral Intervention). To achieve this goal, the study aims to: (1) identify and describe the structure of the social networks of Mpowerment participants (n = 120) and (2) assess the degree and processes through which HIV preventive messages are disseminated through their social networks.

Through our established academic-community research partnership between the IMPACT Program and Vida/SIDA, a program of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, we will collect cross-sectional, computer-assisted surveys and conduct face-to-face social network interviews with study participants to meet the study aims. The project began in September, 2013, and will continue until August, 2015.

Full Project Name: Evaluating the Dissemination of Community-level HIV Prevention Information Using a Social Networks Approach

Co-Principal Investigators: George J. Greene, PhD; Dianna Manjarrez, MPH (Vida/SIDA)
Faculty: Michelle Birkett, PhD
Funder:  Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities Seed Grant Program (Center for Community Health, IPHAM, Northwestern University)

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