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Sex and Technology on Campus—The Risks and Rewards

Posted on February 2nd, 2012 by IMPACT in Research Blog. No Comments

The Chronicle of Higher Education// TECH THERAPY Podcast

Technology continues to change college life, and each month The Chronicle‘s Tech Therapy podcast offers analysis and advice on what the latest gadgets and buzzwords mean for professors, administrators, and students.  In this month’s podcast they interview IMPACT Program Director, Dr. Brian Mustanski, about issues of sexual health on the Internet among college students.  Dr. Mustanski describes the landscape of sexual uses of the Internet–including sexual health education, finding sexual and romantic partners, and accessing pornographic materials. He describes the Indiana University Kinsey Confidential website as an excellent example of a university educating college students in sexual health online.

Download this recording as an MP3 file or visit the podcast page to listen to other episodes.

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