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Pride 2011

This year at Pride our “I heart my sexuality” campaign was back again! The focus for 2011 is “Community in Action” because engaging in advocacy for our community stems at least partially from a sense of self-esteem and pride that leads us to seek out greater equality for our community.

We captured many of the ways that our LGBTQ community makes a difference in our world.  At PrideFest and Dyke March we video-taped community responses to questions that explore what people love about their sexuality, why they’re a hero, and more. Once we edit the tapes together, we’ll post them on this page for everyone to watch. Our aim is to highlight the strengths of LGBTQ youth, instill pride in the community, and share how we all make a difference in our world.

This year as part of the I Heart my Sexuality campaign, we asked people to write what they love about their sexuality on ribbons of paper that we eventually turned into paper chains.

<<< Beverly, Lou and Laurel at the IMPACT booth.

To read what people had to say about why they love their sexuality,click on the thumbnails below.
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