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What’s a Relationship Like With HIV?

Dating, sex, relationships – it’s all complicated enough already. What happens when you throw HIV into the picture?
Finding Support

Telling someone you have HIV and sharing your thoughts, fears, and hopes can make you feel better. You don't have to through this alone.
Getting the Most From Your HIV Doctor

Let's go through some of the next steps after receiving a positive HIV test – like finding a doctor, setting up an appointment, and...
What to Expect at the HIV Doctor

Yes, it can be scary at first. But if you have HIV, going to the doctor is one of the best things you can...
Know Your Sexual Health Rights

Know your rights! Many LGBT youth don’t know their sexual health rights – especially around HIV prevention, testing, and medical care.
Participant Recruitment & Retention: Common Challenges & Recommended Strategies for HIV Prevention

In this webinar, LGBT health experts from both clinical and research backgrounds discuss recruitment and retention.


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