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Youth Blog – What Are GBT Youth Reporting? [Text Version]

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5th October

Ever want to know what gay, bisexual, and/or transgender (GBT) youth are doing when it comes to sex? How about alcohol and drug use? The graphic below provides answers to these questions and more. This data comes directly from 384 GBT youth who are a part of IMPACT’s RADAR study. These youth are between 16 and 20 years of age, racially diverse, live in Chicago or the surrounding areas, and were assigned male at birth. Though this information is taken directly from GBT youth, it should not be considered representative of all GBT youth. More information about the RADAR study can be found here.

View the infographic version of this post here.

What are sexual and gender minority adolescents reporting?

The information presented below was provided by 384 adolescents between 16 and 20 years of age who identified as gay, bisexual, or transgender … Read More »

Protected: How to Use the ASAP Focus Group Website

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4th February

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Hip Hop on the Down Low

23rd November

The Center on Halsted in Chicago continued its SpeakOUT Series with 5 local LGBTQ hip hop artists talking about what it’s like to be queer in hip hop. Emcee Sage Morgan-Hubbard, IMPACT’s very own Lou Bigelow, local performers Charity Taitt and Emanuel Vinson, and hip hop star Tim’m West present the power and complexity of changing culture and making your voice heard.

“It’s sometimes really small acts of courage,” West said. “It’s very powerful for somebody to see two brothers on the South Side holding hands… Sometimes we think politics has to be a protest, but [it] can be deciding you’re not going to leave your lover behind when you go back home for the holidays anymore.”

“Rosa [Parks] didn’t wait for them to say, ‘It’s okay for you to sit in the front,’” West said. “At some point, you just have … Read More »

“Austin Is Doing Something” a mural about HIV/AIDS

16th November

We joined the celebration of the Austin Is Doing Something mural in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. The mural raises awareness of HIV and sparks dialogue around what we can each do. It’s located on the northeast corner of Chicago and Mayfield Avenues, so go check it out if you can and continue to spread its message. We have the power to heal our community, and With Me Comes a Cure!

Please note:  Any statistical data cited in our videos is accurate at the time of publishing.

President Obama: It gets better

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22nd October

President Obama shares his message of hope and support for LGBT youth who may be experiencing being bullied.

Launch of “I heart my sexuality” videos

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20th September

I Heart My Sexuality is a video project that aims to highlight the strengths of LGBTQ youth, instill pride in the community, and tell stories of healthy relationships.

The IMPACT team captured the personal interviews during the 2010 Chicago Pride Festival and Dyke March. The videos were created in partnership with BeyondMedia Education, an award winning non-profit organization dedicated to using media for social change.

Being part of a family and community

Being single

Being in a couple and dating

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Parenting Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Children

20th April

A special discussion with Dr. Ritch Savin-Williams about parenting gay, lesbian, and bisexual children.

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