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Department of Medical Social Sciences
Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University
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Brian Mustanski, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Medical Social Sciences and Psychology at Northwestern University and Director of the IMPACT LGBT Health and Development Program.  A central focus of his research is on the relationships between mental, behavioral, and physical health, particularly as they relate to HIV/AIDS in vulnerable populations. He received his doctorate in Psychology from Indiana University, where he trained extensively at the Kinsey Institute. Dr. Mustanski has been a Principal Investigator for multiple federal (NIH, CDC, NSF) and foundation research and training awards totaling over $8 million in funding. The majority of his research focuses on the health and development of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth and the application of new media and technology to sexual health promotion and HIV prevention. He has received a number of award for his work in this area, included being named a William T Grant Scholar and the 2011 recipient of the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution to LGBT Psychology from the American Psychological Association Division 44.

The IMPACT program, directed by Dr. Mustanski, has a mission to conduct translational research that improves the health of the LGBT community and to increase understanding of the development of sexual orientation and gender identity.  We seek to develop the capacity of the LGBT community to conduct health research and translate research findings into practical interventions.  Much of our research is conducted in partnership with community-based organizations that serve the LGBT community.  IMPACT is a resident partner of the Center on Halsted, the most comprehensive LGBT resource center in the Midwest, which includes a large HIV testing program, a state-wide HIV/STD hotline, mental health serves, and a large and active youth program. The integration of IMPACT within the Center facilitates the translation of research into practice, state-of-the art evaluation of practice, training of clinical-researchers in LGBT health, engagement of the LGBT community with research, and provides “on the ground” expertise to inform our research agenda and methods.  To support dissemination of findings, the IMPACT Program maintains the webpage, which includes information about IMPACT Program research, along with research and policy news and sexual health resources for LGBT youth.

Dr. Mustanski also conducts research in the area of psychiatric and behavioral genetics. In 2005 he co-authored the first genome scan of male sexual orientation and he is currently the PI of a NIDA funded natural experiment to study gene-environment interaction. The Gene, Environment, and Neighborhood Initiative (GENI) seeks to understand the development of a cluster of health issues facing urban, African-American youth living in poverty.  This study capitalizes on a natural experiment involving some families in an ongoing longitudinal study relocating out of public housing to higher SES neighborhoods.  Using the quasi-experimental assignment of family to neighborhood provides a unique opportunity to study gene-environment interaction in adolescent health.  Dr. Mustanski serves as a Co-Investigator on multiple other studies of gene-environment interplay, helping to serve as a bridge between biomedical and behavioral scientists.

Dr. Mustanski is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a focus on the treatment of sexual and relationship problems. He is not currently accepting new patients.

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Dr. Mustanski supervises trainees that include undergraduates and Post-Docs.  You can find our more about training opportunities through IMPACT.

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Current studies span the translational spectrum from basic epidemiological studies of prevalence of health domains, to longitudinal studies of risk and protective processes, to the development and testing of interventions.  Read more about current projects.

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Brian Mustanski, Ph.D.

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