The LGBT Health & Development Program

Creating an Educated and Inclusive Society

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31st July

Organizations such as Camp Pride that aim to educate and promote inclusivity can positively impact LGBT youth.

Dr. Meredith Chivers: What is Sexual Fluidity?

26th July

Dr. Chivers defines sexual fluidity as the tendency of bisexual or lesbian women to shift their sexual identity. However, while they may shift their identity Dr. Chivers does not think that the underlying sexual attraction is altered.

*NEW* I Heart My Sexuality Tumblr!

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18th July

How do you heart your sexuality?!

Video Project: Chicago Actors, Gay and Lesbian Couples Needed!

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11th July

We’re looking for a few gay or lesbian actors or couples that like to act!

A Snapshot of LGBT Youth in Chicago

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11th July

At Pride Weekend 2012 we unveiled some of our findings about LGBT Youth in Chicago. Learn more, and download the colorful pdf here!

Dr. Meredith Chivers: What is Sexual Orientation?

9th July

Dr. Chivers says that everybody has a sexual orientation and sexual drive that we don’t consciously think about.

Dr. Meredith Chivers: What is Bisexuality?

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9th July

Dr. Chivers says that men’s sexual orientation tends to be more polarized than that of women, but this doesn’t mean that all women are bisexual.

Keep it Up! Talks about Hooking Up & HIV Testing

9th July

Watch as Rob shares his story and thoughts on the importance of regular HIV testing and being safe while hooking up.

Prevalence of Cyber-Bullying Among LGBT Youth

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3rd July

With the increase in technological advancements that have made communication easier and more efficient; cyber-bullying has developed into a cause for great concern among school officials, parents, and policy makers and has disproportionately effected LGBT youth.

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