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28th September

The Center on Halsted continued its yearlong SpeakOUT series Sept. 22 with “Hip Hop on the Down Low,” a free performance and panel discussion featuring four openly queer hip-hop artists.
After an energetic spoken-word performance from emcee Sage Morgan-Hubbard, IMPACT’s very own Lou Bigelow took to the stage alongside local performers Charity Taitt, Emanuel Vinson and Tim’m West for two hours of live music and thought-provoking discussion. Subject matter from the night’s performances included everything from Port-au-Prince and civil rights (from the quick-witted Taitt) to pop culture and double standards (Vinson’s multimedia tracks). Homophobia and acceptance were pervasive themes.

Here’s a rap-quote from Lou:
“Human sexuality is like a ghost/if it’s not straight, it’s invisible to most.” Turning to the audience, he asked: “Why does it matter who’s in my bed? It’s your turn to think about what I just said.”

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Transgender Health Quiz

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20th September

What are the effects of hormone therapy? How do you know which pronouns to use? What are some good resources to learn more?

Whether you identify as transgender or not, now is a great time to learn more about transgender health issues.
Click on the pink box below to start the quiz!

This quiz created by Joan Pinnell, Mallory Edgar, Laura Kuper, and Lou Bigelow.

I ♥ My Sexuality: Couples

18th September

LGBT youth talk about what a healthy and happy relationship looks like

New study highlights the complexity of transgender identities

14th September

New study in the Journal of Sex Research that reports on data we collected from an online sample of transgender individuals.

Pride Shorts: What makes a good friend?

2nd September

Whether you call them your bff, your buddies, or your homie, friends are important people in our lives. What do you think makes a good friend? And what do you do to be a good friend in return?

Here are a few good answers, brought to you directly from Chicago Pride 2011:

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